Baby Solid Food #1: Introducing solid food

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Iollss tak sabar nak introduce solid food kepada hunny bunny yummy baby salmanfaris uolls.. salmanfaris dah nak masuk 6 bulan dah.. minggu ni salman faris dah 5 bulan 3 minggu. Ikutkan hati nak je iolss bagi salmanfaris makan sekarang tapi iolls tengah kerja. iolls nak bagi salmanfaris makan his 1st ever food dengan tangan sendiri gitu, takmo teacher nursery yang bagi uolllss..

Hah tetiba keluar ayat-ayat gedik nak beriolls uolls.. tadi tanye (read:baca) babycenter

Is my baby ready to start baby food?

Menurut babycenter.. 

Your baby may be ready to eat baby foods if she:

Can hold her head up
It's important that your baby is able to maintain a steady, upright position in order to take first foods from a spoon.
 Read more about when your baby develops head control. 
<yerp salman faris lulus>

Sits well when supported 
You may have to support her initially. Try propping her up on the corner of your sofa or lean her against another adult. A highchair can be pulled into action a bit later when she's able to sit up all by herself.
<yerp salman faris lulus>

Makes chewing motions
Your baby should be able to move food to the back of her mouth and swallow. As your baby learns to swallow efficiently, you may notice her drooling decrease.
 <yurp salman faris lulus, air liur dah tak meleleh2 tapi still suka nak menyembur2>

Has gained a healthy weight 
Most babies are ready to eat semi-solids when they've doubled their birth weight, which may take place before or around their sixth month. If your baby seems underweight, check with your paediatrician.
<yippie salman faris lulus.. 7.4 kg already>

Displays curiosity about what you're eating  
Your baby begins eyeing your meals and reaches out to try foods travelling from plate to mouth.
<salman faris lulus, tengok mama & papa makan adalah perkara yang sungguh mengasyikkan buat salman>

So people.. salman faris sudah ready untuk makan sudah.. sabtu & ahad ni mama akan cari brown rice.. cari avocado dan banana.. cari je belum beli lagi since sabtu akan datang baru salman faris 6 bulan.. beli awal karang avocado mama habiskan dulu.. nasib baek 5hb Oktober jatuh pada hari sabtu. mama semangat nak wat puree untuk salman.. 1st food adalah avocado kot.. tengoklah nanti kalau jumpa avocado.. mama pon nak ngecek sekali :) nyummm..

Ok, mama tengah semangat nak google pasal baby food ni.. aja aja!
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